Nha San Collective - BẤT – PHÂN – THÂN


Phi Long has a way of presenting that are both varied and complex for simple materials, which he found at Bien Hung lake (near Bien Hoa, Dong Nai) including almost nothing but land, mud and water. They will be packaged and will once again be transformed in the exhibition space. What can identify them if not their backgrounds and origins?

Ngo Dinh Bao Chau will show us that she can at least make us interested twice in her presence this time. A series of watercolor paintings on paper with simple beauty and a little bit of defiance exuded from the surface. They will be once again manipulated manually by the artist to create different perspectives.

 Vinh knows how to methodical implement his ideas from simple thoughts. Everything is moderated and strategic. And we look forward to how the artist resolves his methods in a familiar and conditional space, with canvas, easels and paints…