Nha San Collective

22 Apr 2017

The 10-day Artwriting Workshop features a series of seminars, practical sessions and tutorials, aimed at developing art writers from Vietnam. The programme will take place at Zero Station, no. 12, road 43, Lam Van Ben Binh Thuan ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.

Participants of the workshop, selected through direct nominations from across the country, are young intellectuals who have been actively involved in the local art scene. They are curators, coordinators, writers, directors of art spaces… All of them are fluent in both speaking and writing in English.

The overarching theme of the Workshop is “Translation: Understanding Difference and Distance in Contemporary Art across Asia”. We are using the term “Translation” more as a metaphor than in reference to the practices of translating different languages into each other. We are interested in exploring how artistic practice itself is a form of translation: a means of connecting and trying to understand the many geographic and cultural differences and distances that we find in contemporary societies around the regions.


Truong Que Chi, Nguyen Quoc Thanh participating in SEA  Art Writing Workshop at ZeroStation

22 Apr 2017

Mami Kataoka, Artistic Director of the 21st Biennale of Sydney, has revealed the first group of 21 artists selected for the Asia Pacific’s leading contemporary art event. With around 70 artists expected to be included, this initial selection includes internationally renowned artists Ai Weiwei, Laurent Grasso, Haegue Yang and Eija-Liisa Ahtila, and provides insight into the themes of the 2018 edition.

Celebrating its 45th anniversary next year, the Biennale of Sydney will be presented over twelve weeks from Friday 16 March until Monday 11 June 2018 at multiple locations throughout Sydney. It will feature major new commissions and recent work by contemporary artists from Australia and around the world.


Nguyen Trinh Thi participating in 21st Biennale of Sydney

08 Mar 2017

​Engaging with Vietnam Initiative has brought together scholars, researchers, policy makers, diplomatic officials and the general public to collaboratively engage with knowledge production and scholarship building related to Vietnam. Annual scholarly conferences are a major part of the Initiative. The Initiative would like to particularly thank the following people for their generous support and inputs over the years.


Nguyen Quoc Thanh to participate in Engaging Vietnam

08 Mar 2017

Artist/ filmaker Ta Minh Duc was awarded "Short film of the future"  for his Film No.3

“Autumn Meeting” is an annual cinema program organized by Cinema Land and DNY Productions. Autumn Meeting is a place where the most successful and famous personalities of Vietnam cinema gather and connect with a lot of activities including filmmaking workshops, film screening galas, award giving ceremonies, and cinema fundraising.


Ta Minh Duc wins award at Autumn Meeting

08 Mar 2017

Contour Biennale 8 departs from the historic grounds of the Great Council, established in Mechelen during the fifteenth century; an emblematic reminder of the court architecture that first sought to address the Low Countries through rational jurisprudence. From the vestiges of this judicial infrastructure, the biennale investigates the field of social justice and its implements as media archaeology, such that justice itself is considered a “medium” that is simultaneously a performative, ethical, and aesthetic operation.


Nguyen Trinh Thi at Countour Biennale, Belgium

08 Mar 2017

​Framer Framed took part in Art Rotterdam 2017 (in the special Intersections programme), presenting the work of Vietnamese artist Tuan Mami. They showed his installation In One’s Breath – Nothing Stands Still (2014 – 2017), and accompanied it with a public program. In relation to this, and to shed some light on his practice, they also interviewed him for their website.​


Tuan Mami featured in Framer Framed

29 Sep 2016

After Kuandu Biennale in Teipei, Phuong Linh's next stop is Shanghai Biennale 2016 wich takes place from November 12, 2016 til March 12, 2017​ at Power Station of Art



Nguyen Phuong Linh to participate 11th Shanghai Biennale 2016

10 Sep 2016

Begun by artists Tuan Mami, Nguyen Phuong Lin and several other artists in 2013, Nha San Collective inherited the spirit of the Nha San Studio as an experimental space for avant-garde art. Their goals are to support young artists, expand the audience for the visual arts, facilitate cultural exchange at home and abroad, and promote creative activities in Vietnam through their exhibitions, public programs, and educational activities. Although they had been relocating, without a specific space of their own, they have moved into Hanoi’s new commercial building, Creative City since August 2015. As part of the building’s incentive to bring in cultural enterprises, their rent has also been waived. Run by volunteers, they gain their operational funds from donations, entrance fees, sales of artwork and related goods, and sponsorships of projects. The group emits a youthful energy focused around artists and has been attracting attention as a venue for generating new culture in Hanoi.


Research: Vietnam 01 by Natsumi Araki

03 Sep 2016

From September 2nd 2016 to November 11th 2016 Nha San Artist Nguyen Manh Hung will participate the “ASIA YOUNG 36” - Asia Modern Art Exhibition 2016 an international exhibition that advocates the avant garde-ness, dynamism, and experimental nature of art. The exhibition is opening doors for 36 young artists from 14 Asian countries to use their art and fulfill their potential. It sheds light on various social issues plaguing Asia today with modern art. Meanwhile, the five day international exchange workshop gives participants a chance to share a wide spectrum of problems in Asia. Key figures in the art world including artists, curators, and critics interact with one another to build a consensus at the workshop and offer new values and discourse that the Korean art world must aim for. Jeonbuk Museum of Art expects the international exhibition and the workshop to become a hub of modern art in Asia. Also, the event is a special exhibition worth noting as a specialization strategy for stimulating local art and public or national art galleries.

Nguyen Manh Hung to participate  “ASIA YOUNG 36” - Asia Modern Art Exhibition 2016

30 Aug 2016

​From September 30th, 2016 to December 11th, 2016 Nha San'a artist Nguyen Phuong Linh will take part in Kuandu Biennale 2016 with curator Nguyen Nhu Huy in Teipei, Taiwan.

Phuong Linh is to participate Kuandu Biennale 2016

25 Aug 2016

Four artists have started their guest-residency of three months at the Rijksakademie. The residency is part of the 'ACC-Rijksakademie Dialogue and Exchange'* programme: Heisue Chung (KR/US), Leonid Tsvetkov (RU/US, RA 09/10), Godwin Koay (SG) and Marc Oosting (NL, RA 11/12). After the summer the other four participants of the programme will start their guest residency at the Rijksakademie: Antonio Vega Macotela (MX, RA 11/12), Ryu Eun Miseun Kim (KR), Bea McMahon (IE/NL, RA 12/13) and Tuan Mami (VN)


Tuan Mami to participate  Rijksakademie residency program

13 Jul 2016

-Group Exhibition: Judea
 23.07.2016 — 27.08.2016
Arin Rungjang with Lee Kit, Pratchaya Phinthong, Maria Taniguchi, Rirkrit Tiravanija and Nguyễn Trinh Thi
Sunday, July 31 at 2 PM - 4 PM in UTC+02
Groenewegje 136, 2515 LR The Hague
Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1087939527947478/

-Screening: Love Man Love Woman
Sunday, July 24 at 5 PM - 6:30 PM in UTC+08
Connecting Space Hong KongFort Street 18-20, Hong Kong
Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1827663930795046/

-Screening&Talk: Letters from Panduranga
August 2016, 8:30pm
Image Movement
Oranienburger Strasse 18, 10178 Berlin, Germany
Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/135114593562416/

Nguyễn Trinh Thi's films to be shown in Netherlands, Hong Kong and Germany

28 Jun 2016

The fourth edition of The Future Generation Art Prize worldwide competition established by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation in Ukraine opens for entries today.

All artists up to the age of 35 of all backgrounds, working in any medium, anywhere in the world are encouraged to apply. Supporting the application process, more than 600 correspondents all over the world will be nominating artists for the prize and over 50 Partner Platforms worldwide will be ambassadors for the Future Generation Art Prize to encourage artists within their regions to apply.

The main prize will be awarded by an international jury in the amount of US$ 100,000, split between $60,000 in cash and $40,000 investment in the production of a new work. In addition US$ 20,000 will be awarded to up to five Special Prize winners, nominated by the Jury. A Public Choice winner will be selected through online voting and announced at the Award Ceremony.

For more details please visit: http://futuregenerationartprize.org

Future Generation Art Prize 2017

04 Jun 2016

​Artist Tuan Mami will be participating in the exhibition IN/VISIBLE BORDERLINE, opening at 18:30 26/5/2016 at Meta House, Phnom Penh, Cambobia. The show introduces works by the artist in colaboration with Cambodian documentarian Sao Sopheak, based on the artists' research at the Cambodian-Vietnamese border area near Mekong delta, to reflect on the relationship between the two countries.

​Artist Tuan Mami to exhibit in Cambodia

05 May 2016

I​f you are in Berlin, please come and enjoy exhibition Hero Mother at MOMENTUM Gallery Berlin, opening at 6pm 13 May 2016. Nguyễn Trinh Thi will present her video work in the exhibition, all together will other female artists from post communist countries inclduing Mariana Abramović, Maja Bajević, Yael Bartana, etc. http://momentumworldwide.org/exhibitions/hero-mother/

Nguyen Trinh Thi in group exhibition at MOMENTUM Gallery Berlin

15 Apr 2016

More Than Love on the Horizon (MTL) is a multimedia project by Vietnamese­American artist Genevieve Erin O’Brien. It is an American Arts Incubator project. American Arts Incubator is an initiative of the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and is administered by ZERO1 in collaboration with the US Embassy in Vietnam and Nha San Collective in Hanoi.

More Than Love aims to maximise the visibility of the LGBTQ community in Vietnam and transnationally. This will be achieved through a variety of activities: 1) interactive performance workshop; 2) holographic videos made by and featuring the local LGBTQ community; 3) online platform to access the videos; 4) small grants for community participants exploring themes and stories of the LGBTQ community; 5) a special event to introduce all community art projects.

Seven fantastic art and creative community projects will be introduced during a special event on 22nd April 2016 at Nhà Sàn Collective.

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/459271917601547/

​Project: More Than Love on the Horizon

12 Apr 2016

Nguyen Phuong Linh and international artists who have collaborated with Nha San Collective in the past years including Lu Yang, Moe Satt, Maria Tanaguchi and Tromarama Collective are featured in '​10 Rising star Artists in Asia' by City Magazine Hong Kong

For more details on the artists and the list: http://bit.ly/1T1Qc3j

Nguyen Phuong Linh and NSC's past collaborating artists to be featured in City Magazine Hong Kong

04 Apr 2016

Artist Nguyen Phuong Linh will be giving a guest lecture on Nha San Collective at Vienna Academy of Fine Art at 8PM on April 18th 2016.

Guest lecture by Nguyen Phuong Linh organized by Marina Grzinic, Post Conceptual Study Program.

For more information please visit:


Nguyen Phuong Linh to give lecture at Vienna Academy of Fine Art

04 Apr 2016

​This april, Nha San artists Nguyen Manh Hung, Nguyen Quoc Thanh and Nguyen Hoang Giang will present their artworks in public art project Into Thin Air organized by Manzi Hanoi.

About Into Thin Air:

Taking artwork out of the galleries and onto the streets Turning viewers into co-creators

WHAT: 1 city 10 days and counting 10 site-specific, contemporary artworks 10 public spaces

WHEN: 3.00 pm Sat 09 April to Tues 19 April 2016

WHERE: Oh, a number of unexpected locations across Hanoi. You will just have to go look for the works.

HOW TO FIND THE WORKS: 02 ways to hunt 1. A Map Just follow the map 2. An App This nifty thing acts as your pocket guide and is filled with information about the WHEN, WHO & WHERE
Both are being kept secrets (shusshh) and will be available/shared with you soon!

All information about the project, the artists and the artworks can be found here: www.facebook.com/intothinairhanoi

Nguyen Manh Hung, Nguyen Quoc Thanh and Nguyen Hoang Giang at Into Thin Air

31 Mar 2016

​This Saturday, April 16 at 14 pm, Film club Yda will present films from Vietnamese independent filmmakers Nguyen Trinh Thi, Phan Dang Di, Pham Ngoc Lan

Address: Cinema La Clef, 34 rue Daubenton, Paris 5th Metro: Censier - Daubenton


A film essay Nguyen Thi Trinh, 2015, 37 ', French subtitles. Co-production: Jeu de Paume Museum of Contemporary Art in Bordeaux, National Federation of Graphic and Plastic arts, Cultural Exchanges Danish Fund CDEF.

Spiritual center of the ancient Champa kingdom and future site of the first two nuclear power plants in Viet Nam, Panduranga - Cham name of Phan Rang - is the starting point of a letter exchange between a man and a woman, both filmmakers, who question their film work, historical reflection and ethnographics, cultural politics.

WHEN TO 20 YEARS (Khi toi 20)

Fiction Phan Dang Di, 2006, 20 ', French subtitles. Phan Thi Vang Anh and Phan Dang Di.

Short Film Competition Venice Film Festival 2008

A young couple in love in a room so low that one can not stand up. The girl, whose job being a prostitute, often talks to her lover of his clients. Until her lover asked her to go on the journey he has dreamed of, the girl decline citing an appointment with a client ...

ANOTHER CITY  (Thanh pho khac)

Pham Ngoc Lan, 2016, 25 ', French subtitles.

Short films competition Berlinale 2016.

Middle-aged woman looking for feeling alive beside the young boys, girls prepare to get married while being pregnant with her lover, youth groups lodging together but framed in their own world ... While being in the same the city, they are just strangers to each other.

Discussion: Independent cinema in Vietnam with director Nguyen Trinh Thi (Love man love woman, Chronicle of a tape Recorded over, Jo Ha Kyu, In the smoke and clouds) and director Phan Dang Di (When you are 20, Bi fear not, Mekong stories)

Contact: cineclub.yda@gmail.com - PAF: € 5 (students: € 3)

The Vietnamese independent cinema: Nguyen Trinh Thi, Phan Dang Di, Pham Ngoc Lan