Nha San Collective - Artist talk with Shitamichi Motoyuki


​Shitamichi Motoyuki (born 1978, Okayama, lives in Nagoya) is a ‘traveling’ artist, known for his interest in borders. In the course of his wanderings, drifting from place to place without a specific destination, he accumulates objects that he stumbles upon, often relating to symbolic sites of exchange, or he photographs examples of hidden border crossings

Motoyuki’s poetics of ‘drift’ problematizes our assumptions about borderlines, values and exchange. How do you find a value for a particular sample of seawater, from a particular place, that challenges its generality as just ‘seawater’? Is the water more valuable because it derives from the disputed borderline between two rival nations? Or because it has been presented for our attention by an artist? In the imaginary process of valuation, what does it mean to attach the flotsam and jetsam of time to particular narratives of history in order to invest them with significance?

in this talk, ​Shitamichi Motoyukiown art practice with Vietnamese artists.