Nha San Collective - ​Hattori Hiroyuki (Skylines with Flying People Project)


Hattori Hiroyuki was born in 1978 and graduated from Waseda University architecture department in 2002(diploma) and 2006(master).

Hattori Hiroyuki is a Curator of Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Aomori Public College, and the Director and residentof Midori Art Center (MAC).
He establiehed Maemachi Art Center (MAC) in 2007 in Yamaguchi city with his friends.

He had lived in Aichi, Tokyo, Barcelona, Yamaguchi, and now lives in Aomori. He is working for both public art centerand private alternative spaces. He flexibly organizes art projects and artist-in-residence project using both public and alternative context and spaces. His main projects are “Re-Fort Project vol.5”, a collaborative media project with hundreds of local people “Nadegata Instant Party [24 OUR TELEVISION]”, based on the study of Modernology “Re-Modernologio” and so on. Now he is preparing to publish a book exploring “local scenes and alternative.”