Nha San Collective - IN:ACT 2010


​For the last ten years, Vietnamese artists who choose to work within the contemporary art field, especially within the performance art arena, have always tried to reach the public in order to offer them alternative ways of understanding and appreciating arts.

Unfortunately, there are numerous barriers and problems they have to deal with, such as censorship, poor access to professional education, limited audiences, fixed cultural expectations etc. Moreover, there is also a lack of support from local art institutions; along side with a lack of spaces for artists to practice and perform. Vietnamese performance artists have attended several exhibitions and performed numerous times abroad; but unfortunately there has not been many publicized or official performance events or exhibitions in Vietnam.

On top of this, both Vietnamese audience and artists have not had the chance to encounter other types of practices within the performance art arena. Consequently they only have a tunnel view and definition of what performance art is, while there are still many other aspects of this contemporary art method to be discovered.

Therefore, Nhasan Studio is proud to present to you IN:ACT – an international performance art event – taking place right in the heart of Hanoi from 09 – 14 August 2010 with 11 international artists and 9 Vietnamese artists, all of whom are full of energy, love and passion for arts and culture. This event aims to provide young and emerging performance artists from Vietnam and other Asia Pacific region, as well as artists from around the world, a chance and a platform to develop networks, exchange ideas, interact and collaborate with each other, in order to seek new forms of artistic and cultural exchange, and foster mutual understanding.

Participating artists: Nguyen Phung Linh, Bill Nguyen, Lai Dieu Ha, Gabby Quynh-Anh MillerPhu Luc, Phung Tien Son, Apichat Yimyong Kana Fukushim, Erin O’Brien

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