Nha San Collective - ​A gap between two houses​


"A gap between two houses” is directly taken from the technical drawing of the exhibition space (two combined traditional Vietnamese land houses), the artists have received from the gallery. Seduced by this expression describing a left over space between two walls with no function neither access, but still being part of the room structure, a starting point for the show was found. A selection of existing and newly created works for this specific conditions will be presented. The video work “Museum” by Karine Fauchard creates a fictional art museum where the exponates are shells, exhibited in their natural environment, a sand consisting of millions of similar shells. This video work is the result of an improvisation and could be read as an ironic metaphor of how the art world is functioning. For another work, “The fridge exhibition”, Lazar Lyutakov invited artists from the Viennese art scene as well as local artists from Hanoi to participate in a group exhibition taking place in a switched on household fridge.