Nha San Collective - LATCARF | FRACTAL


Visual artist Trieu Minh Hai brings to the audience of Hanoi an interesting yet challenging practice, fusing art and science. His series of pencil drawings were inspired by a mathematical concept – fractal. Using his imagination, resilience, and exquisite drawing technique, Hai dissected, experimented and dedicated himself to making this series in nearly 3 years. The artworks reveal a research journey filled with complex research and boundless creativity. The drawings are not only visually stunning, they also show a strong and poetic combination between the two seemingly distant practice: art and science.

The event will commence with a few reflections on the preparation process for the exhibition from curator Tran Luong and artist Trieu Minh Hai. It will be followed by a small reception. We would like to take this opportunity to share with you the artistic practice of artist Trieu Minh Hai, as well as the creative context behind the exhibited artworks.