Nha San Collective - Binh Dang


Bing Dang is one of the young photographers living and working in Hanoi. After graduating from University of Applied Art, Binh has been exploring and practicing documentary photography as a personal method of researching social issues. He has participated in well known photography workshops like Angkor Workshop, Foundry Workshop, Panoramic Worskhop in the College of Arts in Eunic’s Open Academy Europe. Binh's artworks have been exhibited in Paris, Phnom Penh, New Delhi, Hanoi... and have been featured in various international magazines ( Le Journal de la Photographie, Le Monde, Exposure Magazine...). Recently, Binh Dang is interested in doing personal photography projects as a way of presenting the abstraction of the thinking process.




Binh Dang

Time: Jul 23 - Aug 12.2015


Jul 2015