Nha San Collective - Bill Nguyen


Bill Nguyen returned to Vietnam a year ago after receiving a First class honor degree in Fine Arts at Nottingham Trent University, England, and has been settling into the art community in Hanoi by reviewing exhibitions and interviewing artists. In 2008 he participated in the ’10+’ group exhibition at Nhasan Studio and earlier this year he took part in Saigon-based artist initiative albb’s ‘Open Studio Program’. He is the co-director of IN:ACT performance art event in Hanoi since 2010. Bill co found and directs Manzi Art Space in Hanoi in 2012

In his artworks, Bill combines different aspects of performance with sculpture, installation and text. He is intrigued by human behavior and surroundings, by the relationship between these factors and how they affect, alter and manipulate one another. The root of this fascination comes from the fact that Bill has always been an outsider and a foreigner, to both Vietnamese and British cultures. However, being twin-cultured is in fact a powerful factor feeding his art practice and helping him to understand, explore and disrupt everyday life through his artworks. No matter what the medium or the location, Bill’s work is always a response to this mixing and matching of cultural differences.