Nha San Collective - Willum Geerts


The absurdity, chaos, order and dramatic inanities of our everyday life form the basis of Willum Geerts’ multidisciplinary art. With its conventions, cliches, rules and the manipulation which evolve from our excessive and superficial consumer culture. And as a result, the effects on our behavior and identity. Within the context of his work Geerts asks the viewer/participant to re-address the world they live in.

Willum Geerts (Amsterdam) exhibits and performs his multidisciplinary art in The Netherlands and internationally on a regular base. He has been working around in the various fields of visual arts. Over the years his art has been presented in and out the white box around the globe. He’s developed projects for e.g. Dutch National Television, in theatre and in music for various projects. With his politically engaged absurdist music collective Salonpunk Orchestra ‘Human Alert’, he has been producing albums and touring Europe and the U.S.

Geerts has received several grants from the Dutch Art Foundation, Mondriaan Foundation and STIFO. As a lecturer he has worked for different institutes and participated in international residencies in the U.S., Middle East and Asia.