Nha San Collective - Pham Ngoc Duong


Pham Ngoc Duong is an artist who has participated in many contemporary art movements in Hanoi. His exhibition “People in the City” reflects a negative side of Vietnamese society caused by globalization and other social concerns. The artworks portray people who are living under difficult circumstances which have been caused by rapidly changing society, pressure from a lack of understanding of modern life, pressure from changes in culture, and from a lack of human rights.

Since 1997 his works have been widely exhibited in Vietnam. He has also had international solo exhibitions in France, Switzerland, China, Norway, the USA, Singapore and Japan. His work is included in the Post Vidai Collection of Contemporary Vietnamese Art, Switzerland and in the Guangdong Museum of Arts (China) as well as in numerous private collections.




Group Exhibition

Time: Jul 08 - Jul 28.2003


Jul 2003