Nha San Collective - Jay Santiphap


Santiphap Inkong-ngam graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University in 1996. The very same year, he and his friends founded an experimental theatre group ‘Wow Company’. Three of his remarkable works during that period were ‘Wow?’, ‘This is not Ramakian’ (he co-directed with American and Indonesian directors) and ‘Nirvana in the Caldron’ (an experimental performance at Project 304 and 303 Open Space).

From 2000, Santiphap started to take a serious turn for film making. He has worked on several experimental projects and was selected to be shown locally and internationally. His interesting creative works for that period included ‘Monks & Me’ (2003), ‘Just a Second; The Khong Legend, 2003′ (2003), ‘Yong in Transition’ (2004) and ‘From… Santiphap to… Santiphap’ (2005) (his name, Santiphap, means “peace” in Thai).