Nha San Collective - Screening of “Homostratus” and talk with director Siu Pham


​Nha San Collective warmly invites you to the screening of “Homostratus” and talk with director Siu Pham. The filmmaker will share her point of views about cinema aesthetics and her new film project “The endless road” in post-production. It’s a cinematic journey to the death in searching for the paradise of youth on the highlands of northern Vietnam. 

“Homostratus” gives a portrait of contemporary society of Ho Chi Minh City with a unique style filled of dynamism and humor. A city in explosive development. A magma of images reflects, without consistency, all ideals of consumption. In this confusion, a particular destiny could be a daily life of everybody: a grandmother is dying, a divorced woman who does not want to take care of her teenage child, an anxious father initiates his son earning his own living, etc. Many fragments like metaphoric paintings structured the movie. Human stratum became a surrealist poem. 

Born in Hanoi, Siu Phạm studied Art History and Film Critique at the University of Geneva. She has been working in contemporary theatre and making various documentaries with Jean Luc Mello. Her first feature film Here and There was selected in the New Current section of the Busan International Film Festival in 2011. Her second feature film Homostratus won Best Unique Vision at the Queens World Film Festival in New York. 

Facebook page of “The endless road”: https://www.facebook.com/Con-đường-trên-núi-On-the-endless-road-Síu-Phạm-1563244953895264/