Nha San Collective - “Is Everything Architecture?” The Experimental Architecture In 1965-1975 period


​Radical Architecture movement In the 1965-1975 period, with generous creative fiction, created a scene rich and varied less common since the year 1920. Since the refusal of the role of architectural work in the traditional sense, the artifact quickly entered the boundaries of experimental art. From creating unrealistic projects, architecture becomes illusory headlines, even absurd. Architectural project hence regain their strength to survive through the deep criticism about socialism, urbanism and consumerism. The talk will introduce and review the case of architecture in the 1965-1975 trial phase as a rich resource for contemporary architecture to redefine.

Nguyen Anh Cuong graduated from Lyon Architecture (ELSA) and student of Applied Sciences National Lyon (INSA) in France. His graduation thesis was awarded "Young Architect of the city of Lyon" in peripheral items Architecture. Currently, he is working for the office of urban and architectural Seura in Paris.