Nha San Collective - Open studio session by young artist Nguyen Hoang Giang.


This open studio showcases Nguyen Hoang Giang (author of the project "The Blackhole")' s 2 new practices with photography. The first work, " Souvenirs d' Indochine ", is created from Giang 's interest in damaged portraits from his family photo album. Giang had these portraits restored by different photo labs. The results of this process becomes raw materials for Giang 's experiments during this open studio. The paint-by-number "DIY war ", on the other hand, invites the audience to reflect about the war between the U.S and Vietnam ( or the civil war between the 2 Vietnamese governments ? )

Born in 1989, Nguyen Hoang Giang is one of the most promising Hanoian artists today. Although trained in the Italian language, Hoang Giang decided to follow his passion for art and creativity, and now works as a self-taught illustrator, graphic designer, photographer and artist.
Hoang Giang first caught the attention of the local art community in 2013 when he participated in the group shows ‘Autopsy of Days’ (Goethe Institut, Hanoi). Subsequently he was picked by Nha San Collective as one of the three most gifted young artists to join their education workshop and exhibition ‘De/constructing Memories’ (Nha San Collective, Hanoi). Hoang Giang went on to exhibit at the ‘Hanoi Open Exhibition’ (Workroom4, Hanoi) and the “100 video artists to tell a century” project (Italy) and FEST 2014 (Portugal).
Since 2014, Hoang Giang has started to work on a long-term community-based project entitled “The Black Hole”. This project invites people to anonymously confess their secrets, which the artist then illustrates and shares them with the public. Because of the controversial contents and nature of the project, “The Black Hole” receives mixed reactions by the public. Recently it becomes a major hotly-debated topic on both online and offline publications when Hoang Giang initiated a crowd-funding project to help raise money to publish “The Black Hole” in the form of an artist book.