Nha San Collective - ĐỤC RỖNG / LẤP ĐẦY


​To Burrow (đục) / To Fill (lấp) are antonymous verbs. 
Void (rỗng) / Whole (đầy) are opposite adjectives.
When placed together, the pair đục rỗng-lấp đầy exposes a contradictory correlation: burrowing into one's wholeness/ filling one's void. This exhibition accentuates a psychological and tangible “void-wholeness” through personal outlook, internal discord and sentiment. 

The exhibition space is divided into four rooms, with distinctive concerns. Thanh Vinh questions the filled/voided of historical narratives and mythology in forming nation or community, hence his use of conversations from fictional characters to strive for a rewritten history from individualistic standpoint. Thuy Anh utilizes domestic task to confront the void/fullness within the relationship of the female body vs orthodoxical burden; or better yet, the relationship of the abject/object – body/screen and the intimacy in-between. Kim Duy employs remnants of images to examine the conception of segmentation and wholeness. Nghia Dang uses painterly gesture in an effort to poke at the need for austerity in artmaking. 

The works in the exhibition do not aim for concrete interpretation but rather an attempt toward the materialization – a symbolic act of “filling” or “burrowing” – while hinting at individual desire of each artist in confronting their own voided reality.