Nha San Collective - Truong Tan


​Through painting, drawing, performance, installation, sculpture, and ceramics, Truong Tan challenges social convention and investigates themes of identity and freedom of expression. As an artist, Truong Tan is known above all for his erotic references to his sexuality, making use of his autobiographical experiences, perceptions and feelings to mark his artistic narrative. His departure from the University where he served as a lecturer until 1997, was largely due to his challenging art that openly expressed his gayness and questioned the contradictions of the then implemented economic liberalization policy or Doi Moi. By rejecting the more conservative assumption of art that were being adopted by his peers, Truong Tan moved to Paris under a grant from the Cité Internationale des Artes. Despite his reputation as the enfant terrible of the time, Truong Tan has today emerged as one of Vietnam’s most internationally acclaimed artists with his art as part of the permanent collections of major art museums that include the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan, the Queensland Art Gallery, Australia and the Singapore Art Museum. He has been a participant of numerous biennials in Asia and Europe.




Group Exhibition

Time: Jul 08 - Jul 28.2003


Jul 2003